NANOSKIN MAJESTIC Hydrophobic Creme Wax

NANOSKIN MAJESTIC Hydrophobic Creme Wax

• Self-cleaning wax with brilliant gloss
• Long-lasting protection
• Fills fine scratches & swirl marks

MAJESTIC is a cream wax designed to add a high gloss and rich luster to new or used vehicles. This premium wax is a self-cleaning, high durability formulation that is easy to use by hand or machine and removes surface scratches, spider webs, and swirl marks. Hand or machine application work equally well. Contains pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax and silicones. A low dust application and removal leaves the paint surfaces with a high gloss finish. Excellent for all paint finishes.



    Shake well. Use only on clean, cool paint and out of direct sunlight.
    For hand application, use a wax applicator in overlapping, circular motion. Allow to haze, then remove with a clean microfiber towel. Fold in quarters and rotate often to maximize wax removal efficiency and help prevent scratches.
    For orbital machine application, wax with slow speed and a clean finishing foam pad.


    If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact us within 14 days and return the product for a full refund (excluding postage).