NANOSKIN NANO CERAMIC Ceramic Nano Synthetic Sealant

NANOSKIN NANO CERAMIC Ceramic Synthetic Sealant is a combination of ultra-fine abrasives and protective ceramic coating designed to create a brilliant shine with outstanding protection in one single step. At the smallest level to give you biggest results. Extremely fine polishing agents remove oxidation, wash marring, swirl marks, and stains from your finish as you apply it. Nano Ceramic also contains a formula to protect your paint from UV rays, tree saps, oxidation, and even insects while increasing the paint life by 40-50%. One application will last up to a year and will reduce dirt accumulation by 70-80%. Nano Ceramic’s unmatched protective properties and easy application makes it a go-to product for many car care professionals.

1. To achieve best results with NANO NANO CERAMIC, apply with a DA polisher and a finishing polishing foam pad

2. Squeeze NANO CERAMIC in small quantity to the paint surface.

3. Polish a small area at a time with medium pressure

4. Reduce pressure allowing the polishing action to take place

5. After polishing, leave the product to make adhesion for 30-60min

6. Remove any residues or film with a clean, dry microfiber towel

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